Sierras of Rocha 


Hand-sewn and individually designed

A tipi is a charming space for living, camping and meditating.
The tipi provides the opportunity to make a fire in the tent.
The smoke flaps at the top allow the flue.

4m tipi
4m tipi



CHEAPER tipis made from water resistant cotton-poliester fabric available!


415 - 1500 USD

Depending on materila,size and design: tent, lainer, door, carry bag

Sizes: 3 - 7 m diameter


One year warranty on all seams and cracks

How many people can fit in a tipi?

In a 4m tipi approx. 10 people can sit in a circle and 5 people can sleep comfortably. For more information see "prices and shipping."





The material from which the tipis are sewn is one of the best outdoor fabrics that are currently manufactured. This material is used for awnings and canopies, and is therefore

  • UV Resistant
  • waterproof
  • Permeability and
  • particularly mold resistant

After 10 years of production I have found that tipis made of linen or cotton fabric do not last long
in the sun. They easily rot in damp air and then brittle and tear.

Therefore our tipis are made of polyacrylfabric.